Also called ridesharing or vanpooling, it’s is an easy and economical way to commute to work. Carpooling and vanpooling let you access the HOV lane and toll booths for faster travel while reducing GHG emissions. Save money sharing gas and parking costs. Work, read or nap while traveling to/from work.

Find Carpool Matches

  • Bay Area Carpool Program partners with ride-match apps to help you find rides when you need them and share the cost of driving. The program offers a variety of incentives and rewards. Download a smartphone app!
  • Scoop matches rides in Sonoma County! Scoop is best for work trips during regular commute hours and matches carpoolers who work in various locations from home locations throughout the Bay Area. Enter your trip information by 9 p.m. the night before your morning commute, and 3:30 p.m. for your afternoon commute. Scoop automatically provides you with your match and trip itinerary. Register with Promo Code SCOOPME05 for a free first trip.

Find or Start a Vanpool

The Emergency Ride Home program takes the worry out of carpooling or vanpooling to work or school by reimbursing rides home in cases of a qualifying emergencies.

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