Public transit is a great way to save money, avoid stress from traffic and parking, and help the environment while you commute to work, school, or other outings. Sonoma County enjoys train and bus service for trips within and between cities.

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Find out which transit services and routes best fit your trip.

Fares and payment options

Check each transit agency’s website for details on their fares and passes. Discounted fares are available for students, seniors, persons with disabilities, and now for income-qualified residents through the Clipper START program. Monthly, annual, or summer passes can help frequent riders save money.

  • Clipper® is a universal transit fare payment card and is accepted on all public transit service in the Bay Area. Clipper® Cards can be purchased online and pre-loaded with cash or monthly transit passes. Clipper® will automatically calculate transfer credits.
  • Clipper® is now available on Your Phone through Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Clipper® Cards can be used to pay for BikeLink bike lockers. Link the two accounts here.
    • Remember to tag on and tag off when using the Clipper Card on SMART, Sonoma County Transit, and Golden Gate Transit so that you don’t get charged for the maximum zone fare.
  • multiple ticket purchases and special promotions are available as eTickets on SMART.
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits allow employees to pay for transit with pre-tax income. Check with your HR department.

Find your stop and arrival time

  • Google Maps can help you determine the best way to get to your transit stop
  • Real-Time Information can tell you when the next bus is arriving at your stop. Real-time information is available at select bus hubs and shelters, online, and through mobile apps like the Clipper® App and the Transit App.
What happens if I take transit to work or college and now need to get home for an emergency? The Emergency Ride Home program can help by reimbursing your ride home in cases of a qualifying emergencies.

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